Hello, and thank you for visiting our site!

My name is Mike and my friend Joe and I have been collecting and breeding reptiles for over twenty years. We've been involved in breeding boa constrictors, panther and veiled chameleons, over ten different morphs of corn snakes and some geckos. Also, we've successfully housed over fifteen other species of exotics!

Recently we've entertained the idea of breeding albino iguanas. It's something that Joe got me thinking about almost two years ago. Joe knew of someone who had albino iguanas and was very successful in his breeding efforts - Ed Bolian! When we discovered that Ed needed a change of scenery for a while, but still loved the lizards and wanted to be involved in the future, we immediately purchased a beautiful pair of heterozygous lizards! We plan to keep Ed's bloodline true to itself and not add any other bloodline to it. But what other albino blood you ask?-That brings us to the other part of the story!

Ed called us one day and told us that he received a phone call from a gentleman that found some albino iguanas in the wild! He wanted to get them into a breeding program instead of selling them off for a one-time quick cash deal-smart man! Ed hooked us up and of course we were more than willing to offer up our facilities and knowledge to help. That's when Ed asked us if we would be interested in buying the web site also. So of course we were very happy that he had faith that we could carry on the Great White reputation, and we bought it! We are very excited to further both of these bloodlines.

Unfortunately we won't have anything available until next season, but we have plenty of lizards and we will keep you updated on progress through the web site. We hope enjoy our photos, and feel free to contact us by e-mail. or Thank You! Enjoy!